New Frontier is committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct in dealing with its stakeholders, and requires the same approach from all who act on its behalf.

Underpinning all aspects of New Frontiers business dealings are its core values:

  • Integrity in business dealings
  • Excellence in professional standards
  • Commitment and drive in achieving shareholder value
  • Compassion for fellow professionals and the wider community
  • Teamwork

We recognise that we have obligations towards our shareholders, the advisers and contractors who are essential to our business, and not least the local communities in which we operate. The well-being of our property assets is wholly reliant on their reputation with in the communities they serve. We will therefore be responsive to community needs and address any issues that arise through early and positive dialogue with local representatives.

All our property development activities will aim to minimise the impact on the community and the environment generally, and we will seek to apply all relevant energy saving and noise reduction standards. We expect our advisers and contractors to prioritise the health and safety of their workers and the public over all other considerations, as well as carry out all appropriate safety and environmental monitoring.

New Frontier has a Gender Diversity Policy in place.